Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another Brexit comment

I put this comment in an article, this time in the Independent. I've lost the link, but the context, as so often, is frothing Brexit trolls and their anonymous identities.

We've got a ripe old bunch in here today, haven't we?

It's simple. 52% of those who voted chose to Leave, but they didn't vote for sovereignty and national purity over economic wellbeing, they voted Leave because they didn't realise they would be worse off. The recent YouGov poll showed that.

This means that the government has a problem. They're riding high right now, but they have to deliver economic success with Brexit to meet their mandate. If they can't, and there's a little less reason every day to think that they can, then we get political independence combined with economic disaster. Under those circumstances, the only support they will be left with is those who think that economic disaster is a price worth paying.

Given that the vast majority of people who genuinely think that are currently typing fractured stream-of-consciousness comments into this article under lower case pseudonyms it's an easy calculation to count up the number of different identities being used and knock off 10% for sockpuppets to arrive at the Conservative 2020 vote.

 This, I think, is the crucial point. The Tories' very dominance means that all the consequences of their current actions belong to them.

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